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Meet Dana

Having worked in adult and children’s mental health in the public sector for over 17 years as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and a Mental Health Therapist, Dana Goodwin brings a unique holistic perspective that takes into account the whole person and every aspect that is needed for true healing that lasts.

Dana’s holistic approach addresses not just the Mind but also incorporates the BodyHeart, and Spirit. If we only look at one of these aspects we are not addressing the whole person which quite often leads to loss of healing and reverting back to old habits and patterns of behavior. Using a variety of approaches, Dana will help you transform your thoughts and behaviors to not only experience deep healing but to increase your ability to keep your healing in the years to come.

Services Provided

Healing Journey

With a no-nonsense and no “fluff” approach, walking out your healing journey will create a space and pointed experience to reach those areas that are not only easy to find but also highlight those areas that are hiding or tucked away. Dana will focus on the body, mind, heart, and spirit healing experience that creates wholeness in a way some have never experienced through Christian Faith Based Prayer Counselling while utilizing other therapy modalities such as Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy all while using a Trauma Informed approach. Due to Dana’s unique skill set of being a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree with additional courses in nutrition, as well as being a certified Group Fitness Instructor since January 2000, she is able to offer in addition to mental health support, the physiological components of a person’s wellbeing as well as psychotropic medication review and teaching if needed.

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Parent Coaching

Mental Health has become one of the main concerns for many parents and health officials in recent years. Trauma, addiction, and abuse have triggered a landslide of mental health issues. With over 17 years of mental health experience, Dana brings wisdom and expertise partnered with empathy and care to parents looking for more healing, connection and strategies that will create a significant impact in their family.

After working with some of the most challenging children in the Edmonton for several years not only in group homes but in hospital settings as well, Dana has faced many difficult behaviors that many parents are facing in their own homes today and understands firsthand the burden this can be for parents. In addition, Dana has worked in children’s mental health since 2006 providing triage and support to parents that were often at a loss on how to connect and bring about changes to their chaotic homes. By using a unique parenting approach that incorporates connection but also the need for structure and consistency through a “no non-sense kindness” approach, Dana will provide supportive parent coaching, parenting plans but will also facilitate parenting groups such as Circle of Security Parenting ™.

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Dana will support you in discovering the deep wounds of your heart that are impacting your ability to live your best life. By utilizing Christian Faith Based Prayer Counselling as well as many different therapy modalities including Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy.. READ MORE



In mental health, our body and physiological components of our life such as nutrition, exercise, sleep etc quite often are overlooked and not even discussed when people are seeking mental health support and therapy. This leads to superficial healing and quite often.. READ MORE



Your spirit man is how we communicate with God. When we have wounds in our heart, it impacts our ability to experience His presence and to hear from God with confidence. Dana’s desire for you is to experience deep healing that is led and guided by His Holy Spirit so that you will walk firmly planted regardless of what storms come your way.READ MORE

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