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Dana will support you in discovering the deep wounds of your heart that are impacting your ability to live your best life. By utilizing Christian Faith Based Prayer Counselling as well as many different therapy modalities including Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Trauma Informed Therapy, Dana will help you explore the deep recesses of your heart that have caused you pain and bring you to a place of healing that will not only change the trajectory of your life but will incorporate strategies and helpful thought processes to not only keep your healing but for you to thrive on your life journey. Dana has a very straight forward, no nonsense approach to get to the heart of the matter quickly as her goal is to see you experience freedom in your life in the shortest amount of time possible so that you don’t have to keep coming back. Once you start experiencing freedom and healing, Dana will support you in incorporating other aspects of your life that quite often get overlooked in mental health to bring you into alignment and give you the confidence to move forward in wholeness on the path that will bring you the most fulfilment in your life.


In mental health, our body and physiological components of our life such as nutrition, exercise, sleep etc quite often are overlooked and not even discussed when people are seeking mental health support and therapy. This leads to superficial healing and quite often people will find themselves coming back with the same issues because they have not learned to incorporate all aspects of their life for complete wholeness and healing. As a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree as well as additional courses in nutrition at the University of Alberta while being a certified group fitness instructor since January 2000, Dana has many years of experience in supporting people with increasing their physical health and wellness by meeting them where they are at and starting them off with a plan that works for them at their own pace. By incorporating these physiological components alongside the healing of mind, heart and emotions, you will learn to not only identify what is holding you back but strategies to overcome them to live your best life with so much overall peace, increased energy as well as joy.


Your spirit man is how we communicate with God. When we have wounds in our heart, it impacts our ability to experience His presence and to hear from God with confidence. Dana’s desire for you is to experience deep healing that is led and guided by His Holy Spirit so that you will walk firmly planted regardless of what storms come your way. Dana has over 5 years experience in Christian Prayer Counselling through volunteering her time in prayer counselling at Desert Streams Ministries as well as her church as she serves on the Pastoral Care Team and Altar Ministry Team currently as well. She has also completed various Prayer Counselling, Inner Healing & Deliverance courses with hundreds of hours of training and mentorship. Dana has gone through her own personal healing journey over the past several years by attending Freedom Session 3 times, 2 of which she was a group facilitator and has had extensive prayer counselling herself. Dana knows first hand how challenging it can be to walk the path of healing but she has also experienced significant freedom in her life and has a passion to help people experience the same level of freedom so they can live the life God has called them into.

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